Valuation Firm Herron Todd White Highlights Growing Appeal of Attached Housing

Shift in Buyer Preferences Favours Apartments and Townhouses

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Recent analysis reveals a significant shift in buyer preferences towards apartments and townhouses, driven by widening price disparities and robust demand in major population centers.

A recent analysis by valuation firm Herron Todd White has identified a significant shift in buyer preferences towards apartments and townhouses. Gavin Hulcombe, HTW Brisbane’s Managing Director, notes that as the price disparity between houses and units widens, buyers increasingly find attached housing to be a more attractive option. This trend is particularly evident in major population centers, where existing units are often more affordable than new developments.

Hulcombe highlights opportunities in unique, well-located units, whether in the CBD, on the city fringe, or slightly further out, which offer appealing living spaces. Despite rising cost-of-living pressures and higher interest rates, HTW’s latest Month in Review reports that demand for housing remains robust. This strong demand is expected to persist as the imbalance between supply and demand continues across most markets.

According to Hulcombe, “Demand for housing is extremely strong, driven largely by population growth. This is clashing with limited supply caused by delays in building approvals, shortages of materials, labour scarcity, and builders facing tough financial conditions.”

At Luminur Projects, we understand these market dynamics and specialize in off-the-plan properties, including the sought-after townhouses highlighted in HTW’s analysis. Our expertise ensures that we can effectively promote unique, well-located units to potential buyers, helping developers and buyers bridge the gap between supply and demand while meeting the evolving preferences of today’s market.

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