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Overseas Investors Spend $5.3 Billion on Australian Property

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New data reveals substantial international investment in Australian real estate, with overseas buyers focusing on high-end properties, leaving the lower end of the market largely unaffected.

According to new data from the Federal Treasury, overseas investors have spent $5.3 billion on Australian property in under a year. The data reveals that international buyers made 4,700 residential purchases in the first three financial quarters of 2023. Among these, China-based investors acquired 1,955 homes, Hong Kong-based investors bought 400, and Vietnam-based investors purchased 259.

Cameron Kusher, PropTrack’s Director of Economic Research, explains that while the total value may seem substantial, foreign investment constitutes only a minor fraction of Australia’s property market. He notes that these investors typically target higher-end properties, which are often beyond the reach of first homebuyers. “International investors are not impacting the lower end of the market,” Kusher states. “Australia remains a popular destination for overseas investors, but their activities are not affecting the broader market.”

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