About us

Guided by a vision of fostering a collaborative real estate ecosystem.

Founded by Niaz Eghrari and Zoe Li, Luminur Projects combines the visionary fusion of real estate and design expertise, creating a dynamic synergy that comprehensively understands design, development, marketing, and execution to redefine excellence in the industry.

Together, they bring over a decade of extensive experience in the architectural, real estate, and marketing domains. Their journey began with a shared passion for bringing design and real estate together, culminating in the establishment of Luminur Projects. This dynamic synergy between design and real estate expertise forms the core of the company’s values. Innovation, transparency, and unwavering client-centricity are the cornerstones upon which Luminur Projects is built.

Niaz and Zoe’s commitment to these values ensures that every project undertaken by the company is infused with excellence, from concept to execution. At Luminur Projects, we don’t just offer services; we deliver comprehensive solutions that reflect our deep understanding of design, development, marketing, and execution. We invite you to partner with us and experience real estate redefined.

The Directors

Niaz Eghrari
Managing Director
Niaz Eghrari has a profound and diverse background in both the architectural and real estate industries. His professional journey commenced in 2010, encompassing architectural design endeavors on both local and international scales. In 2016, Niaz Eghrari established the Luminur Group, a distinguished Melbourne-based design and development firm. The company specializes in crafting luxury and multi-residential dwellings, with a particular emphasis on creating bespoke developments tailored to the unique needs of owner-occupiers and investors. Niaz brings to Luminur Projects a profound passion for real estate, underscored by his exceptional negotiation skills and an in-depth understanding of residential codes and local council policies. This comprehensive expertise naturally led him towards greater involvement in property acquisition and sales. His background in architectural design and project management plays a pivotal role in refining developments to achieve optimal sales outcomes, thereby maximizing the return on investment for developers. Niaz is the driving force behind our commitment to excellence, ensuring the success of your real estate endeavors.
Zoe Li
Managing Director
With a decade of dedicated experience in the real estate industry, Zoe Li has honed her expertise in specialized niches, focusing primarily on off-the-plan and off-market residential and industrial real estate. Over the course of the last ten years, Zoe has achieved an impressive sales record, totaling over $300 million in successful transactions. Her exceptional track record extends to selling numerous luxury townhouses in the prestigious eastern suburbs, catering to the discerning Asian community. Zoe’s journey in the industry has enabled her to cultivate an extensive sales network and garner a substantial number of referrals, positioning her as a master agent. Her profound understanding of development intricacies and her proven sales acumen are invaluable assets that can significantly enhance the positioning, marketing, and sales success of your real estate projects. Zoe Li is your trusted partner for navigating the dynamic world of real estate with precision and excellence.
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Take your project to new heights with Luminur Projects by your side. Together, we’ll make your vision a reality and achieve unparalleled success in the real estate market.

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